Techniques & Tips


The all-purpose cooking oil is extremely versatile but truly shines in high-heat cooking (535°F smoke point!) as well as for dressings and dips. It complements global and delicate flavors, allowing them to shine through. With its very high-quality fats and slightly buttery flavor, it acts as a flavor and texture enhancer.

Stir-fry: Excellent with veggie or protein-based stir fry, we tend to throw in a big bunch of whatever aromatic herbs we have around. The algae oil helps to elevate delicate flavors without masking them like olive oil. One of our favorites is garlic-fried rice finished with mint and Thai basil.

Sautéing: You will get an extremely clean but crunchy sear in a sauté pan or cast-iron skillet, which does not create any 'burnt' or rancid flavors you may find when searing at very high heat otherwise. Chicken thighs, steak, and even portobellos hit with a heavy sear are lovely.

Dips/Dressings: We particularly love lemon tahini dressings with this oil; they are extremely bright and light, offering a great overall mouthfeel. Additionally, we highly suggest a pesto or hummus - give them some added flair with some heat (jalapeno or chili) and bright acid at the end.

Eggs: We are getting continued feedback; people love their eggs with this oil—extremely light and fluffy. When fried with an egg, an extremely crispy and crunchy texture comes through. Don't be shy with the amount of oil you use in this application.

Smoothies & Coffee: This is a slight curveball, but many love it in smoothies/coffee. Good fats help you absorb nutrients, but they also make the texture of the smoothie creamier and lighter.